Divorce in Sacramento california

What is a Dissolution of Marriage
Dissolution of marriage is a legal term for divorce. It primarily involves reconciling all the rights and obligations between you and your spouse, including custody and care of the minor children. Upon approving the terms of the dissolution, a court officially declares the marriage terminated or dissolved. In the State of California there is a six (6) month waiting period before your marriage is dissolved or terminated.

Obtain a Divorce Quickly at Low Cost
When you and your spouse have decided to terminate your marriage, we can accomplish a divorce quickly and cost-effectively. Our company has successfully filed over 10,000 cases and has an excellent relationship with the court system to ensure your divorce is processed accurately. We file in Sacramento, Placer, El Dorado and other surrounding counties

Divorce in Sacramento  California

Divorce Made Easy
With uncontested divorces, our company can save you time and money providing you with professional assistance in preparing all the necessary legal documents and submitting to the courts on your behalf. Although no one can guarantee the outcome of your legal proceeding, your satisfaction in the quality of our work is GUARANTEED.

Many Sacramento divorce attorneys charge up to $300 an hour or require a retainer from $1,200 to $5,000 to handle family law cases. The final bill can be much higher. When attorneys are involved, they will almost certainly create unnecessary conflict as well as expenses. Attorneys concentrate only on one side of the case, creating an adversarial atmosphere, which can be harmful to everyone’s interests.

A Cost Effective Do It Yourself Divorce
California law does not require you to have an attorney for a Sacramento divorce. Uncontested divorces do not require court appearances. We provide an effective “Do It Yourself Divorce” which will save time and effort when navigating the complexities in obtaining a California divorce.

There is HUGE savings in time as well as money when utilizing our services.

We can process your divorce in (5) five simple steps:

  1. You provide the Legal Document Assistant with information pertaining to your divorce (i.e. Date of Marriage, Date of Separation, Children names and birth dates, etc…)
  2. Approximately 3-5 days after submitting information to our office, you will receive your 1st set of legal documents in the mail for your review and signatures.
  3. Return your legal documents in the self-addressed envelope provided for you. You will be required to pay the court filing fees unless we are getting a “Waiver of Court Costs” which is based on your monthly income.
  4. Approximately (10) ten days after mailing your signed legal documents to our office, your spouse will be served with the filed divorce documents.
  5. In approximately (31) thirty-one days you will receive your final set of documents for your review and signatures. These are your default/uncontested forms and the court will send a final divorce decree (Judgment) too you directly.
Divorce in Sacramento, California What is the exact date your case will be final?
Neither we nor anyone else can tell you that date. As soon as your spouse has been served, we can tell you the earliest possible completion date, but that still is not a guarantee. There are many things, too numerous to mention, that can delay your case, so lets take one step at a time. Well over 90% of our customers who complete their cases do so within the minimum (6) six months waiting period.

Our company does not guarantee the outcome of the case nor do we assume any responsibilities for any changes, modifications of any rule and or regulations set by the courts which govern the manner in which your legal documents are prepared. Although no one can guarantee the outcome of a legal proceeding, your satisfaction in the quality or our work is guaranteed.

We are not a law firm; therefore, we do not give legal advice nor represent you in court. We have filed a bond or made a cash deposit and registered as a legal document assistant (LDA) in each county where we will perform services on your behalf. We are in compliance with self help service as defined by Business and Professions Code Section 6400.

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